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Founder & CIO

Juan Alfredo Gomez

Founder of Black Swan Quantitative Advisors and lead strategist of the firm, Mr. Gomez has over twenty years of experience in international securities and alternative investments. He launched his career in Miami at Capital International Securities as a broker, then as an options trader. In 1999, he joined BAC Florida Investments where he developed an alternative asset allocation model based on alpha transfer strategy. This strategy later became the basis for the Black Swan’s proprietary Delta Manage Volatility (DMV) blueprint. In 2006, he joined Atlas One Financial Group as a Portfolio Manager where he managed SMAs using the DMV method. Finally, in 2011, he founded Black Swan. Black Swan currently manages nearly $80MM using proprietary risk management and optimization tools and a modern version of the quantitative DMV strategy.

Mr. Gomez graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He later graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a PhD in Chemical Engineering. In 2001, he obtained a certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst, and in 2009, was awarded the Certificate in Quantitative Finance. He is fluent in Spanish and English.


Franco Castro

Mr. Castro serves as CEO of Black Swan, he presides over Black Swan’s day-today operations, being responsible for general management and business development. He has a strong twenty-year track record leading firms that specializes in international investment banking, fixed income trading and distribution of domestic and international securities, as well as arranging and implementing complex structures for International Institutional and Accredited Investors. Mr. Castro worked as Vice President of Private Wealth Management at CSFB and Vice President for Standard New York Securities. He has co-founded several investment bank/brokerage firms including AmeriSecurities Capital Corp., The Partners Financial Group and founded Activa Capital Group.

Prior to his experience in the securities industry, he worked as an Attorney-At-Law at an international law firm in Lima, Peru. Mr. Castro holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago, and a JD from the Catholic University of Peru. He is fluent in Spanish and English.


Esteban Velasquez

Mr. Velasquez Joined BSQA in 2019 as an Associate. His responsibilities at BSQA include perform as support in trading execution, elaborate monthly performance reports, and investor relations.

Previously, Esteban was a Reconciliations Analyst at SEI Investments in Pennsylvania, responsible for collecting, entering, and reconciling custodian as well as investors data to create client reports. Mr. Velasquez graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (W.C.U) with a B.S in Finance and Economics. He is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Compliance Advisor

Juan Carlos Riera

Mr. Riera has over 25 years of experience in the international financial industry, particularly in the international wealth management area, including domestic and international broker/dealers, commercial and investment banks and investment advisory firms.

His experience includes various senior positions in Risk, Compliance, Operations and Service Support areas, with some of the largest and most successful broker dealers and private banks in the world. Juan Carlos has served as Regional Compliance Director for Latin America for SFG, SVP & Head of AML for Wachovia Securities and First Clearing LLC in Richmond, Virginia; VP and Compliance Manager for Merrill Lynch in Venezuela, USA and Panama and Deputy Director and Service Manager for Merrill Lynch Bank (Suisse) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Riera obtained his JD from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB) Law School in Caracas – Venezuela. Mr. Riera is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a Certified Professional in Anti Money Laundering (CP/AML) by the Florida International Banking Association (FIBA). He also has several U.S. securities licenses. He is fluent in English and Spanish.


Our team has engineered, merged and constantly tests proprietary quantitative risk management software and optimization tools to hedge the market.


Our team has worked in a wide array of financial institutions and they are able to adapt to the changing regulatory norms making your investment safe.

International Background

Our team is made by people with different backgrounds, experiences, working styles and nationalities, which leads to creative and unique concepts that sets our advice apart.

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